All About Chamomile

All About Chamomile

Chamomile is one of my all time favorite flowers, it smells divine and has a plethora of uses. I use chamomile in my bath & body products as well as teas & tinctures. So let's get right into it!

First, it's important to note there are TWO times of Chamomile, h they are very similar and are typically used interchangeably with one another, however; they have slightly different properties, constituents, and uses. We'll start with the name sake.

German Chamomile

Matricaria Recutita has an aromatic, but slightly bitter taste.

It's traditionally used  to address digestive issues like gas, indigestion, bloating, and colic. It's suitable for use with children and also used to relieve Crohn's Disease & Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Due to it's Antiallergic action it's used to reduce irritation from Asthma & Hay Fever. Externally it can be applied to the skin to relieve Eczema, sore itchy skin, and sore itchy nipples. It also relieves eyestrain.

 As a relaxant chamomile is used widely for relief of PMS symptoms. Women in ancient Rome used chamomile to relieve menstrual cramps. Current day an Iranian clinical trial found that German chamomile was effective in relieving the physical symptoms of PMS, but even better are relieving the emotional symptoms. Other clinical trials include testing it's ability to heal wounds in 1987, and the results were very positive. In 1993 German Chamomile along with 4 other herbs prove to be the most effective at easing colic in infants. Both types of chamomile are widely used to help combat insomnia as well.

Here are some of German Chamomile's Key Actions

  • Carminative - relieves gas
  • Relaxant - relieves tension by promoting relaxation
  • Anti- Inflammatory - reduce inflammation
  • Antiallergenic - doesn't aggravate allergies
  • Antispasmodic - relieve involuntary muscle spasms

Roman Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis aka Roman Chamomile has slight different constituents & a slightly more bitter taste than Roman Chamomile, but because they are both very similar in action I will only note one of the large differences in it's potential uses. As a result of it's added bitterness Roman chamomile helps to normalize gut function by stimulating digestive secretions and relaxing muscle in the gut. It is also used to relieve nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Roman chamomile, is also used to relief migraine and headaches in both adults and children.

Chamomile (German) is one of the Key ingredients in our 'Ibn' Serum which gently promotes calmness and relaxation both physically & emotionally in children.

That's the tea on Chamomile, it's definitely one of those herbs you should have in you herbal first aid kit, it has so many beneficial uses for everyday life.

Comment below and let us know if or how you use Chamomile.

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