Let's Talk About Yoni Pearls

Let's Talk About Yoni Pearls

As an Herbal Practitioner and advocate for women’s health, I’m so excited and happy to see so many women being more in tune with their bodies. As an herbal practitioner and fellow vagina owner it is important to me that I use my resources, experience and knowledge to further awareness regarding women’s health. One thing that this assignment always entails is being as honest as possible with my clients. I get a lot of questions regarding the use of “Yoni Pearls.”  A yoni pearl is a small circular object filled with herbs & covered in cheesecloth, think a tea bag for your vagina. In lieu of steeping it in hot water, you insert it directly into your vagina, and keep it there for 24-72 hours. The idea is if you leave these vaginal pearls inside the vagina for that amount of time they will remove the toxins and cleanse the vagina and uterus. Many companies have made claims that they cure PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Infertility, and many other pain points for women suffering from endocrine & reproductive issues. 

When I’m asked about yoni pearls, my response is always the same “Can you think of any else that is ever inserted into the vagina that long”? The answers, as wild as some of them have been, is almost always “No”.  Anything left into the vagina that long will cause more harm than good. The vagina is self-cleansing, and very efficient at doing it’s job. Cleansing your vulva and the areas around your vagina is highly recommended, with water, and other gentle products. Using these types of products inside you vagina, really isn't recommended. Clients of mine who use these yoni pearls are initially astonished by the thick, foul-smelling discharge assuming it’s the yoni pearls at work. The reality is the discharge is likely an infection. 

Infections often lead to increased vaginal discharge and a foul or fishy odor; which is why it is not recommended, if you use them, to not leave tampons in for more than 4-6 hours. What ever it is anyone is looking to accomplish with yoni pearls, will likely not be achieved by using them. The risk of infection is due to the yoni pearls killing “good” bacteria, like Lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacteria that produces lactic acid in the vagina to protect it from infections. Placing these products in the vagina may irritate and abrade the vaginal mucosa and alter the normal microbiome of the vagina, which will more likely than not make it a breeding site for harmful bacteria. Yoni pearls can lead to BV, toxic shock syndrome (TSS), and pelvic inflammatory disease damage to your reproductive system, leading to ectopic pregnancy, long-term pain, and infertility.

The moral of the story is Yoni Pearls do not belong inside of your vagina. There is no substantiated proof that these  yoni pearls are effective and not harmful. There are other natural alternatives such as v-steaming and even herbal suppositories that may work better for you.  Always consult your doctor or practitioner, before trying new products. 

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