Licorice, More Than Just Candy

Licorice, More Than Just Candy

Glycyrrhiza or Licorice has been indicated for weight loss, loss of strength, exhaustion, and debility. Licorice is known as "the great harmonizer' because it's believed to have the ability to pull together actions of other herbs in botanical formulas. So why do we LOVE licorice?

In Alternative Medicine Licorice has been used for adrenal disorders, infertility, and hormonal problems. Though not considered an adaptogen, Licorice has a number of adaptogenic effects, it also has man application in the endocrine system especially because of it's effects on stress as a contributor to hormonal balance.

Licorice contains Glycyrrhizic acid, which a steroidal saponin, is know to improve insulin resistance and the metabolism of fat. This is particularly useful in people that have diabetes and metabolic disorders. In clinical studies licorice has been known to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and deposition of fat in tissues.

Along with spearmint, licorice is one of my go to herbs for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It helps to store regular menstrual cycles and improve insulin resistance. Studies have shown that Licorice may reduce androgens when elevated. It is also to restore regular periods in women with infertility due to amenorrhea or the absence of a menstrual periods. In Japanese medicine when paired with Paeonia, Licorice is used to treat PCOS, due to it's reported ability to reduce testosterone and prolactin, as well as improve cysts in the ovaries.

Licorice is also known to have many anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic actions in the uterus. It's the perfect herb to use for teas, tinctures and other medical formulas.

Do you use Licorice for it's health benefits?


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