It's All In The Brew!

It's All In The Brew!

Outside of it’s tastes & properties, the most important thing to know about tea is.. how to brew it in order to get the best taste & maximize the wellness benefits of each cup. In the instructions below I will go over 2 types of brewing methods Hot & Cold, and both are sufficient when enjoying any of A Source of Goodness teas.

The Why:

Before we get into the How, let’s touch on Why brewing properly is so important.

The temperature of the water is really key in brewing tea, especially hot water because it has many variables, like steeping time and temperature. Boiling is responsible for oxygenating the water, and bringing out the best flavors of the tea. That doesn’t mean to boil the water so that is its scorching, this will actually tire the water out, causing your tea to have a flat or dull taste. It’s best to stick to a gentle boil, which will bring in just enough oxygen.  Hot water also slightly cooks the leaves which can lead to a bitter taste if steeped for too long. Hot water literally changes the chemical composition of the tea leaves and herbs.

Steeping at room temperature allows the leaves to slowly release their flavor without the release of certain aspects, like bitterness. When teas are cold brewed you get a similar effect, including the tea not being able to be over steeped (within reason). I prefer the cold brew method for bitter teas and barks, and this is the proper method of making iced teas.

The How (Instructions):

The rule of thumb when measuring teas is pretty standard regardless of the brewing method:

 1 teaspoon for 1 cup (8oz)

For Barks (herbal teas that contain primarily barks):

¾ teaspoon for 1 cup (8oz)

Hot Brew Times & Temperature:

Bring your spring water to the proper boiling temperature before adding the tea.

White & Green Oolong Herbal* & Black
170-185℉ 180-190℉ 208-212℉
4-5 minutes 5-6 minutes 5-8 minutes

* Herbal teas should be brewed closer to 8 minutes. Bitter teas and barks should be brewed 2-3 minutes if you aren’t used to the taste.

Keep in mind that over or under steeping teas will change the taste, smell and benefits of the tea.

If you don’t have a thermometer the method I use to gage the waters temperature when boiling is by the size of the boiling bubble if it’s a smaller sized bubble its about right for the green & white teas, small – medium is ideal for oolong and medium – large sized bubbles are ideal for black and herbal teas.

Cold Brews & Iced Teas:

When cold brewing the water should be room temperature when adding the tea, and then refrigerated (not frozen) for the below times. I always recommend using spring water.

White & Green Oolong Black Herbal
6-8 hours 8-10 hours 8-12 hours 12-14 hours

The above are minimum brewing times. If you brew it these times or 20 hours, it will taste the same since it cannot be over-steeped (within reason).

Please keep in mind that these instructions are just a guide to brewing our line of teas for the best cup. Equally, we love and appreciate that everyone has their own preferences when brewing and encourage all of our CommuniTea members to brew in whatever way makes you happy!

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