How does Herbalism Work?

Herbalism is a holistic practice that uses the phytochemical constituents found in herbs along with changes in nutrition and lifestyle to support health.

How is Herbalism Different?

Herbalism aims to bring a state of balance to a dis-eased system. It is a holistic form of recovery that takes ALL areas of health and lifestyle issues into account aiming to target underlying conditions instead of simply treating symptoms.

A good example of this is a patient suffering from migraines. The usual treatment would be to take a painkiller. However, migraines can have a myriad of causes E.g; dehydration, hormonal imbalance, posture, stress, muscle spasm, sinusitis, IBS. A herbalist would try to understand the cause and undertake a thorough examination of the client, taking into account the status of the body systems, diet and lifestyle before suggesting changes and herbs.

How do herbs work?

Plants are all sophisticated chemists. They rely on chemistry to protect themselves from threats and communicate with their allies. These molecules can have diverse pharmacological effects. For example, the resins that trees produce to fight infection will generally be antimicrobial against human infections too. But herbs also have more subtle and complex qualities that we as herbalists use to match the right herb to the person.

Why herbs?

Unlike many of the modern medical approaches to healing, herbalism takes into account the Full picture of a persons health & well-being, works on a building, restorative, and preventative level, and has very few side-effects compared to many pharmaceuticals and medical interventions. Herbs do work, but often more slowly and cumulatively compared to drugs, requiring your commitment to a convalescence journey and dedicated relationship with the regimen we choose. Sometimes herbs are not the only answer, but work well in conjunction with other therapies and measures to promote quality of life.

What if I just want a custom blend or need a quick blend for something specific and don’t want to do a whole consult?

Send me and e-mail (asourceofgoodness@gmail.com) and I can ask you a few questions, you can choose the size you want (custom blends start at 4oz), and I’ll concoct a quick formulation for you.

Custom blends are $12 per oz as well, and tack on a small fee ($7) for my expertise and shipping.

I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner, doctor or nurse, and I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. This practice does not take the place of the allopathic/western healthcare system, rather I am more of a healthcare “doula” of sorts, a companion/collaborator/helping hand on your journey to health and recovery and through the multifaceted world of plant medicine. What I will do is listen, support, and assist you in elucidating current health concerns and in achieving your health goals. With herbs!